By telling her story, Ro relives her plight, the ups and downs of a
high life, and the cost paid for the glitz and glamour she enjoyed. At one of
those “high” moments, we see her being arrested after 57 kilos of …was sniffed
out and seized from the vehicle she was driving across the country.

From what seemed to be worlds away from home, how would she face her
mother, who had just recently lost her son? Mentally, emotionally, physically,
and spiritually, how would she deal with a decision that was designed to
destroy her? What would be her response to the betrayal that seemed to forever
sting so freshly from her one-time, trusted companions?

As you share in her journey of childhood memories and real-life adult
experiences, you will discover how blurry one night can be. What she didn’t
know was that her life would be forever changed.